Team Focus

Team Focus

Our challenge was to create a visual identity of Midwest Doulas to match the quality of care their team provides to Twin Cities families to be. Finding a birth doula can be a daunting challenge for a mom-to-be in a confusing and competitive industry. The crowded market has a broad range of personalities and service offerings.

Their team-centric approach, along with the quality of care sets them apart. The Brandlove Effect knew after meeting the owners that a sophisticated, system was needed to both match their elegant styles, professional approach, and playful personalities.

Client: Midwest Doulas
Category: Branding, Print, Web

Branding + Web

During the discovery phase, we learned why they both are so passionate about what they do – seeing the moment when a family grows as a child is introduced into the world and a bond is made. We also knew that special time is fleeting and was important to capture.

Our design solution is a fusion of everything we learned: the owners’ sophisticated style, the joy of their clients as new family members arrive into their lives, and the simple joy of laughter.  We combined simple shapes to create bold patterns with a soft appeal and touch. We selected images that feel clean, current and emphasizes the family bond.  The messaging is simple direct and clear. The result communicates just what they wanted — that they support and care for their clients unconditionally, and that their whole team is there for them through their birth journey.